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Located on Skunk Ranch Rd in Murphys, CA
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About Gorilla Public

Gorilla Public was founded a number of years as a way to create for, and educate, local businesses and individuals.

Gorilla Public was founded by myself, Blake Lemmons. With a Bachelors degree in Marketing and a Masters degree in E-Learning Design, I wanted to do more than just work for the next big company. Being self taught in web developed, I began designing my own platforms by working with some incredibly talented programmers. We created platforms used by companies all over the world. I’ve developed web and mobile apps. One app, WOWthem, took my partner and I to the Microsoft Building in Silicon Valley where we had the incredible experience of pitching to venture capitalists.

However, I have always wanted to bring my experience to the local community to help small business and individuals succeed as well. Living in the Central Valley my entire life, my wife and kids packed up and moved to Murphys, CA in 2019 and I am now launching Gorilla Public here.

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Job openings.

We currently don’t have any openings, however, please feel free to get in touch as you never know, something could come up.

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