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Web Design.
Digital Marketing.

We create experiences that empower local brands
to grow online and bring your brand
into the lives of the local communities and beyond.
Based in beautiful Murphys, CA.


We Are GorillaPublic. Nice to Meet You. How Can We Assist You?

Not only are we a full service creative agency, we also educate on everything we do as well. We have global experience that we bring to the local community.

Digital Marketing

We'll design and manage (unless you'd like to design or manage) SEM or social media campaigns. Includes Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Snap Chat!

Video & Photo

We can develop media for promotional media, online commercials, and even tutorials. All are produced for the specific media type whether that be 4k video for YouTube or 72dpi photos for web.

Web & App Design

We coded an entire platform using worldwide as well as native mobile apps - all by hand. Your project will get that same, hands-on touch by us, not outsourced.

Full Support

Whether we manage your needs as a client or you take one or more of our instructional pods, we support everyone and everything we do. We won't leave you hanging in the wind.


Brand strategy.

Website & Apps

Web Design
& Development.
App Design.


We help to create
visual strategies.

Website & Mobile App Design

We are able to create a full-stack option for your website and/or app needs, from back-end development such as databases and servers all the way to designing the visual pages and user experience.

Graphics & Promotional Media

We are able to design promotional material such as banners, menus, business cards, booklets and more. We design the banners for floats in the Modesto Parade as well as light up signs for local businesses too!

Photography & Videography

We develop promotial imagery from products shots for online catalogs to online video commercials for social media. All are shot depending on the source the media will be used for, but up to hi-res photos and 4k video.

Educational Bootcamp

We not only create,
we also educate!
Gorilla Public educational bootcamp!

Digital Marketing Educational Pods

In these pods we teach businesses and individuals how to develop and create campaigns on Google Adwords, Waze, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. How to set budgets, target potential customers and measure results.
Blake Lemmons


Website Design Educational Pods

Students learn the basics of HTML and CSS as well as hosting set up and management up to backend development in languages like PHP, Javascript, MySQL and more.


App & Game Design Educational Pods

Students learn to create their first apps for iOS and Android devices.


Recent Blog Updates.

Posted by user
January 31, 2020

All clients & students have access to our GP Community section for further questions and assistance after the project/courses.

Support well after the fact is what we pride ourselves on. Once the project or educational pod is complete, the support never ends.

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